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Lavoisier Composites developed a new generation of material entirely sourced from the aerospace transformation sector.

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Lavoisier Composites : Bring out the best of matter


Composed of two thirds of intermediate modulus carbon fiber and one third of high temperature epoxy, Carbonium® brings its structural properties and a totally unique aesthetic to the parts obtained.

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Composed of reinforcing fibers such as silica, quartz, or glass, Pearlium® gives the resulting parts a pearly white appearance which can be produced in several colors and also be phosphorescent.

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With an infinite number of stacking and coloring options, this material combines the performance and technical nature of continuous carbon fibers with a very graphical appearance.

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Stellium® is inspired by the most beautiful starry nights when the stars, the milky way, or the aurora australis and borealis produce unforgettable spectacles.

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Antoine Laurent de Lavoisier