Magic light of darkness

Stellium® is inspired by the most beautiful starry nights when the stars, the milky way, or the aurora australis and borealis produce unforgettable spectacles. Very subtle during the day, the Stellium® range reveals its specificity at night or under violet lights. The available color spectrum covers a variety of light tones (also available in Super Lumi Nova).

Features of Stellium®


This material displays a soberly technical side in broad daylight, while it reveals a deeper identity in the dark


The carbon fiber associated with high temperature resin bring to the parts obtained, quasi-isotropic properties of very good level


Produced from aeronautical grade by-products, reducing the environmental impact of the resulting parts.

The innovative process developed to obtain Stellium® is based on the use of carbon fibers and phosphorescent particles of very specific sizes. It is in the darkness or under the glow of a violet light that "tiger" or " grained" effects will be revealed as if by magic.

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Photo Stellium - Lavoisier Composites
Photo Stellium Original - Lavoisier Composites

In the range of light tones producing the most striking renderings, there is Ocean Blue (OB) and Yellow Green (YG). Other phosphorescent colors are available upon request.

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