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Pearlium® is a range of materials derived from the recovery of high-performance composite by-products from various sectors such as the aerospace industry. Composed of reinforcing fibers such as silica, quartz, or glass, Pearlium® gives the resulting parts a pearly white appearance which can be produced in several colors and also be phosphorescent.

Features of Pearlium®


Produced from aerospace grade by-products, reducing the environmental impact of the parts obtained.


The pearly and iridescent rendering provided is available in a multitude of colors and effects such as phosphorescent


The reinforcement fibers used provides structural properties

Thanks to a very high-pressure molding and a specific finishing process, Pearlium® Original gives the resulting pieces a greatly unique appearance.

Pearlium® Original is the combination of selected fibers producing a natural pearlescent effect which is also available in a multitude of colors such as Pearlium® Blue.

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Photo Pearlium - Lavoisier Composites
Photo Carbonium Original - Lavoisier Composites

Placed in the dark after being exposed to daylight or violet light, the pieces made of Pearlium® Phosphorescent reveal an internal power by producing a diffuse halo of light for several hours.

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