The graphic elegance of carbon fibre

Stratalium® is inspired by the construction principle of aerospace parts such as the wings or fuselage of the latest generation of aircraft. The architecture of Stratalium® is organized in a multitude of unidirectional layers of carbon fibers deposited in a precise stacking sequence. With an infinite number of stacking and coloring options, this material combines the performance and technical nature of continuous carbon fibers with a very graphical appearance.

Features of Stratalium®


The thin plies of carbon fibers laminated in alternating layers maximize the mechanical properties of the resulting parts


Its radical and modular architecture, combined with a wide choice of colors and metals will serve the most daring designs


Produced from aeronautical grade by-products, reducing the environmental impact of the resulting parts.

Based on thin layers of unidirectional carbon fibers arranged in a very precise stacking sequence, Stratalium® combines mechanical performance with outstanding aesthetics.

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Photo Stratalium - Lavoisier Composites
Photo Carbonium Original - Lavoisier Composites

Arranged to reveal a light polarizing effect after machining, the alternating carbon plies give Stratalium® remarkable quasi-isotropic mechanical properties.

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